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 Pain and Neuropsychology

An exciting announcement at Sierra Neurosurgery!

The SNG Pain Management team believes strongly that addressing behavioral health concerns is instrumental in the management of chronic pain. That is why we are excited to announce a new partnership with local clinical psychologist, Dr. J.P. Crum.

Beginning this month, Dr. Crum will see pain psychology and neuropsychology consultations at our Reno location on Kietzke Lane.

Dr. Crum will join our collaborative team of Surgical and Pain Specialists who believe in the “biopsychosocial” model of pain and strive to address both the cognitive and emotional components associated with pain at various stages. This evidence-based approach will only strengthen our ability to provide relief and hope to our patients.

Please join us in welcoming, J. P. Crum, PhD.

Dr. John Paul (J.P.) Crum, Psy.D.


“I conduct therapy to assist patients with managing associated symptoms (e.g. negative thinking patterns, unhelpful behaviors, emotions) that commonly accompany pain and other medical conditions. I address individuals’ cognition and behaviors that may hinder their treatment, as well as work on more goal-directed behaviors (e.g., positive self-talk, staying active, treatment compliance, etc.).


Per requested by treating physicians, I conduct neuropsychological, psychological, and pain evaluations to inform differential diagnosis and treatment planning. These evaluations examine the likelihood of medication abuse, readiness for surgical interventions (e.g., spinal cord stimulators), and consider external variables (e.g., psychopathology, psychosocial stress, amongst others) that may hinder one’s prognosis of treatment and/or exacerbate symptoms.

I plan to collaboratively work with the treatment team to optimize a patient’s experience and quality of life.”

Dr. J.P. Crum


You can contact Dr. Crum directly through his website:

Phone: (775) 657-9597

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