Sierra Neurosurgery Lumbar Xrays

COVID-19 Update

We have developed precautionary measures in our office and implemented changes to our surgical scheduling process because of COVID-19.


For 40 years, Sierra Neurosurgery Group has provided exceptional spine and brain care to the residents of Reno, Northern Nevada and Northeastern California.

Our practice was founded on the principle of patient-focused care tailored to the individual. We continually evolve as the region’s premiere resource for neurosurgical care, providing each patient with individualized treatment that ensures them the best quality of life possible.

Sierra Neurosurgery Group is the region’s oldest continuously operating group of neurosurgeons and is one of the largest groups in Nevada specializing in the treatment of brain and spinal disorders.


The Benefits of a Team Approach.

Over the years, Sierra Neurosurgery Group has focused on bringing a range of surgical expertise into the practice. The result is an incredibly well rounded group of neurosurgeons, an interventional pain specialist, and a team of highly skilled nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

With ten surgeons in one practice–the region’s largest group of Board Certified Neurosurgeons–each offering a unique perspective and knowledge base, collaboration is natural. Most of our patients have two neurosurgeons consulting on their case and co-surgery, where two surgeons operate jointly on a patient, occurs regularly.

Armed with our vast knowledge and experience and the incredible tools available to us, we believe we have an extraordinary opportunity and responsibility to care for others.



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