Patient Testimonials

Patricia Rosaschi’s health journey was both a physical and mental challenge. She sought relief from the excruciating pain she experienced every time she attempted to eat or speak. Her life became an exhaustive search to discover how to overcome this mystery condition that threatened to strip away two of the simple joys of her everyday life – talking and eating.

Desperate to relieve her pain, Patricia sought answers from various doctors in Northern Nevada hoping for a breakthrough. After a series of disappointments, she found her way to Sierra Neurosurgery Group and Dr. Rima Rindler. Under the compassionate care of Dr. Rindler, Patricia not only found an accurate diagnosis of trigeminal neuralgia, but also hope. Dr. Rindler put together a surgical treatment plan to relieve Patricia’s pain and restore her to normal life.

Dr. Rindler’s expertise in skull-based surgery proved to be the turning point in Patricia’s journey. Now Patricia can eat and speak effortlessly without constant pain.

This video is a testament to the transformative power of expert, compassionate, medical care and the commitment of a neurosurgeon dedicated to restoring the quality of life for those grappling with unidentified pain. Patricia’s journey shows that there is hope for others facing similar struggles with skilled neurosurgical care.

Patricia Rosaschi

When unusual leg twitching symptoms turned into a serious diagnosis, Kristopher Dahir was challenged with a crucial decision about his future. He temporarily halted his career and community service with the unexpected discovery of a brain tumor.

Confronted with this diagnosis, Kristopher grappled not only with the decision of whether to remove the tumor, but also with the pivotal choice of selecting a surgeon. Despite the urging of well-meaning friends to have brain surgery out of state, Kristopher chose a different path—to stay in Northern Nevada for this intricate and complex surgery.

Kristopher placed his trust in the expert hands of board-certified neurosurgeon Dr. Christopher Demers, of Sierra Neurosurgery Group. Joined by his loving wife, Melissa, and a dedicated tight knit group of friends and family, Kristopher faced the surgery with a determination deeply rooted in his faith. Being able to stay close to loved ones gave him a strong support system, helping his recovery, and eliminating the stress and logistical challenges of long-distance travel.

This story captures Kristopher’s and Melissa’s resilience, and the power of community connections. By opting for local care, Kristopher chose not just an excellent surgeon and medical team, but a community invested in his well-being.

Kristopher Dahir