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Conservative Approach, Compassionate Care, Surgical Excellence

We offer full spectrum neurosurgery care which includes brain, spine and peripheral nerve conditions. We have been the preferred neurosurgeons in Northern Nevada due to our conservative approach, compassionate care, innovative techniques and commitment to providing exceptional patient outcomes.

We Are Experts in State-of-the-Art Surgical Modalities

Innovative techniques are also employed by Sierra Neurosurgery Group surgeons in the treatment of spine and brain tumors often eliminating the need for open surgery. Stereotactic radiosurgery (one form of which is CyberKnife) uses lasers to target radiation right to the tumor site with pinpoint accuracy sparing all healthy tissue and causing the patient little to no discomfort.


The CyberKnife System is the only fully robotic radiation delivery system. It treats cancerous and non-cancerous tumors and other targets, precisely delivering radiation anywhere in the body.
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The TrueBeam® radiotherapy system is an advanced medical linear accelerator—fully-integrated for image-guided radiotherapy and radiosurgery. and designed from the ground up to treat targets with enhanced speed and accuracy.
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Meditronic O-Arm

The O-armTM system is an intraoperative 2D/3D imaging system that is designed to meet the workflow demands of the surgical environment. It can be used in variety of procedures including spine, cranial, and orthopedics.
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The StealthStation™ S8 surgical navigation system has an intuitive interface, improved patient registration software, and advanced visualization to navigate neurosurgery procedures.
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We offer
innovative techniques
to treat cancer pain caused by bone tumors.