Back (Lumbar) Disc Replacement

What is Lumbar Disc Replacement (Lumbar disc arthroplasty)?

Lumbar disc replacement (LDR) is a surgery performed to treat the back pain resulting from spinal degeneration, or disc problems. Unlike spinal fusion surgery, which fuses two vertebrae together via a hardware cage and screws to treat Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD), LDR allows for natural spinal movement.

4 Benefits of Lumbar Disc Replacement

      • Increased Range of Motion and Spinal Flexibility – In a spinal fusion, vertebrae are fused together eliminating motion in those segments, while disc replacement preserves the natural mobility of the spine.
      • LDR is Less Invasive than Spinal Fusion – Bone grafts are often used in spinal fusion between vertebrae, requiring the removal of some bone from the spine. During LDR, the emphasis is on only removing the damaged disc, preserving more bone.
      • Fewer Post-Surgery Complications – LDR keeps your spinal mobility, allowing for natural load distribution, which can reduce the risk of future adjacent segment surgeries.
      • Proven Years of Clinical Data for Safety and Long-Term Results – Since its FDA approval in 2004, LDR has years of clinical data showcasing its safety and proven results in back pain relief.
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