Sierra Neurosurgery Nevada For Patients guides and information


We know the anticipation of brain or spine surgery can cause a mixture of emotions from apprehension to hopefulness. We have assembled pre and post-operative instructions to help you feel better prepared. The information provided below will help you understand what to expect before and after your neurosurgical procedure.

If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the medical assistant assigned to your surgeon at (775) 323-2080.


Pre-Operative Instructions

Important information to know prior to surgery.

(PDF file: 90kb)


Medical Information

Medications prohibited before surgery.

(PDF file: 50kb)

What to expect when scheduling surgery

A list of actions to be completed prior to surgery.

(PDF file: 100kb)

Pain Management Notice

More instructions for Pain Management patients

(PDF file: 100kb)


Instrucciones pre operativas

Important information to know prior to surgery.

(PDF file: 90kb)


Informacion Médica

Medicamentos que no tiene que tomar antes de la cirugía.

(PDF file: 50kb)

Que debe esperar cuando programa cirugía

Lo que tiene que ser completo antes de su cirugía

(PDF file: 100kb)

Más información para el paciente.

Medicamentios para el dolor.

(PDF file: 100kb)


1. Nothing to eat or drink after midnight the night before your surgery. The Anesthesiologist will cancel your surgery if you have anything in your stomach. Take necessary medications with sips of water the morning of surgery.

2. Stop taking NSAIDS 7-14 days prior to surgery. Examples: Advil, Aleve, Aspirin, Motrin, Voltaren, Naproxen/Naprosyn, Excedrin, Relafen, Diclofenac. Celebrex or Mobic. Do not stop your necessary medications.

3. Notify your surgeon if you are taking blood thinners. Examples: Coumadin/Warfarin, Plavix, Eliquis, or Xarelto/Pradaxa. Our office will notify you when to stop prior to surgery. Your surgeon will instruct you when it is safe to restart the medication after your procedure.

4. Avoid dental procedures 3 weeks prior to surgery and 3 months following all surgical procedures. Antibiotics will be required for cleanings or extractions during this period. Crowns and fillings do not require antibiotic prophylaxis.

5. You must notify the office immediately if you develop any cold or flu like symptoms or if you are actively being treated for an infection prior to surgery.


You will be contacted the day before surgery to confirm check-in.

Please contact our office if you do not receive a call by 4:30pm.

Please bring a Photo ID to the hospital. You will NOT be admitted without one!