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We help patients suffering from chronic pain with a goal of improving their quality of life.

Are you suffering from Chronic Pain?

Our pain specialists are experts in helping patients with a wide range of painful disorders. They listen to your concerns and develop an individualized treatment plan to make sure you get the right therapy when you need it. We also offer a private, in-office procedure suite and relaxing recovery room that patients find comfortable and convenient.

“This is a busy group but they always make time for you personally. The patient portal is a great way for communication with them instead of the phone. Its way easier to get a response back quickly. I appreciate this group and would recommend them to everyone for help with pain management!”

– Josie Lister

A team approach to pain care

Dr. Jacob Blake, our Interventional Pain Specialist has advanced training as a Board Certified Anaesthesiologist which allows him to offer the complete spectrum of advanced pain management therapies. These include the latest in interventional and injection therapies. Dr. Blake along with his compassionate Advanced Practice Providers work together as a team in a focused effort on your treatment plan. Collaboratively, they provide education and help patients return to independence and comfort, as well as a restored quality of life.

Meet our Pain Management Specialists

Sierra Neurosurgery Pain management team

Don’t let chronic pain affect your quality of life

Contact our Pain Management Team to embark on your journey towards optimal health


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