We do what’s right for you, whether surgery is involved or not.  Our board certified and fellowship trained neurosurgeons and providers expertly diagnose and treat your chronic pain.

1st Place Winner Best Places to Work

One of the biggest compliments we can achieve as a business is having employees who enjoy what they do. Our goal is to help you feel better, so you can live better.


Non-surgical pain management techniques are key to pain relief and supporting your active lifestyle.

Sierra Neurosurgery Reno location


We offer the highest level of diagnostic capability while keeping you comfortable.

Sierra Neurosurgery Reno location


Let us help you enjoy the everyday activities that you used to before your brain tumor, back, neck or joint pain.





Neurosurgical experts will treat your brain tumor, back pain, neck pain, or nerve condition, using innovative methods to improve your quality of life.



Guided ultrasound and regenerative injections are minimally invasive, nonsurgical ways to treat your pain. Your pain is our greatest concern, and we will develop an individual treatment plan for you.



Our outpatient imaging center in Reno, Nevada offers comfortable, state-of-the-art imaging, so you receive an accurate and quick diagnosis of your condition.



Osteoporosis puts you at a high risk for a broken bone, limiting your mobility and quality of life. Get a personalized plan to improve your bone health with expert guidance.



Specializing in neck and back pain, non-operative spine treatment including spinal injections and minimally invasive spinal procedures, injuries and arthritis of the shoulders, hips, and knees.


Understand why we have become the preferred specialists in this community for over 40 years in Spine, Brain and Interventional Pain Management.


We have gained this reputation due to our conservative approach to back pain and surgery, as well as innovative techniques to treat brain tumors. Our pain management team offers treatments to help improve your quality of life.

A Trusted Neurosurgery and Pain Management Clinic in Nevada

Sierra Neurosurgery Group has been working with patients in Northern Nevada and California for over 40 years. Our team of healthcare professionals comprises of neurosurgeons and pain specialists to provide surgical and non-surgical options. We help a wide range of patients treating them for chronic pain and discomfort, spine conditions, complex brain tumors, neurotrauma, movement disorders, aneurysms, acoustic neuromas, trigeminal neuralgia as well as peripheral nerve conditions.

Our team specializes in full-spectrum neurosurgery including brain, nerve, spine diseases, conditions, and injuries. Our interventional pain specialists are well versed in procedures to deal with specific types of pain management issues like migraine, sciatica, neck and back pain. Our team of physicians use state-of-the-art technology to help improve accuracy, patient outcomes and recovery from procedures and surgeries.

At our pain management, neurosurgery and spine clinic in Nevada, our neurosurgeons take immense care in ensuring that we get to the root of the problem and deliver exceptional quality of care to our patients. Whether our customers come in to consult for a surgical procedure, or minimally invasive pain management treatments, our team of specialists provide compassion, conservative care and surgical excellence to help improve the path to a better quality of life.

With our trusted team of Board-Certified, Fellowship trained spine and brain neurosurgeons along with our pain specialists, Sierra Neurosurgery Group is the premium choice for patients in Northern Nevada and California.


I have to say I am blown away by how amazing Dr. Demers and staff are.

He just performed my surgery and I am symptom free! Besides the healing. But I can’t thank him
and his staff enough. I cry thinking at how much my life will change now. Thank you from
me and my family. We love you Dr. Demers!

– Holly C.

I would recommend Dr. Blake to others without hesitation!

Dr. Blake has been my pain management physician for many years. He always clearly discusses the best options and the procedures administered. He is knowledgeable and kind. I would recommend him to others without hesitation.

— Coni Jo B.

Dr. Morgan, When I first met you, I knew I could trust you & what you say.

My first surgery was pain free. My second surgery was pain free & corrected the pinched nerves. Everything you told me was true. Your knowledge of medicine & your truthfulness is so refreshing. You really care about your patients. You answered all of my questions with straight talk. I wish I could reward you in some way.

God Bless you and your family.

– John M.

Thank You Dr. Tolbert

I can’t NOT cry when I think about what this incredible person has done for me…..my words cannot express how I feel about him. He was created and sent from God to help me and my family! Marshall Tolbert is at the top of my list of incredible people by far!

Thank you Marshall for being you and Thank you God!

– Todd W.

Dr. Moore was very informative

and took the time to explain everything in detail and go out of his way to answer my questions. I have had a bad run with doctors being dismissive and he is the complete opposite and makes me way more comfortable coming back and taking his advice on what to do going forward.

This was my second back surgery with Dr. Vacca.

He is top rated in his field and I went to him the second time with total confidence.

The entire staff at Sierra Neurosurgery is exceptionally courteous and willing to help with any patient problems and/or questions that might arise. I highly recommend this doctor and his medical group.


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Sierra Neurosurgery Group is the region’s oldest continuously operating group of neurosurgeons and is one of the largest groups in Nevada specializing in the treatment of brain and spinal disorders.

Our Core Values of Integrity, Respect, Compassion, Team Work, Accountability, and Honesty influence the way the employees act at Sierra Neurosurgery Group. If you would like to become part of our dedicated and hardworking team who exemplify these core values, please view our listed job opportuniteis and apply. No calls or walk-ins please. If your qualifications match the requirements of the position, you will be contacted about next steps.