Disc Replacement For Your Active Lifestyle

Keep Your Active Lifestyle: Disc Replacement vs. Spinal Fusion 

We all want to lead an active lifestyle as we age, but sometimes, spinal disc issues can threaten to slow us down. If you’ve been offered spinal fusion to reduce your spine pain, consider a disc replacement to preserve the motion in your neck or back. Let’s explore the benefits of disc replacement surgery and why it might be the ideal choice for those with active lifestyles.

Understanding Disc Replacement and Spinal Fusion

Disc replacement surgery, also known as artificial disc replacement (ADR), is a leading-edge procedure that replaces your damaged spinal disc with an artificial one, maintaining the natural movement of your neck or back. On the other hand, spinal fusion surgery joins two or more vertebrae together to eliminate motion entirely in the affected area.

Leading-Edge Disc Replacement Surgery – The Gold Standard for Athletes
You may not know what it’s like to be an NHL player, but you have access to the same surgical innovation that allowed Vegas Golden Knights center Jack Eichel to hoist a Stanley Cup. Eichel had an artificial disc placed in his neck in 2021. Three months after his ADR surgery he was back on the ice, and he hasn’t stopped since. Other athletes such as six-time PGA Tour winner Rory Sabbatini and Chicago Blackhawks forward Tyler Johnson, have also benefited from ADR.

4 Benefits of Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery

1. Preserves Your Natural Spinal Flexibility

Your neck and lower back are designed for natural movement whether it’s hitting the perfect tee shot, returning a backhand on the court, or playing a game of catch. Disc replacement allows you to maintain your spine’s flexibility and range of motion, preventing stiffness and restrictions. You can continue to enjoy the activities you love without the fear of becoming a human statue.

2. Prevents Future Disc Issues and Surgeries

Spinal fusion may alleviate pain in one area, but it can transfer stress to nearby segments, potentially causing future surgeries. Disc replacement minimizes this risk by preserving the spine’s natural biomechanics, reducing the chances of additional complications.

3.  Faster Recovery and Less Pain

Disc replacement offers a shorter recovery period compared to spinal fusion. Less pain and a shorter hospital stay means you can get back to the activities you enjoy sooner.

4. Long-Term Pain Relief and Motion Preservation

Disc replacement has shown remarkable long-term success rates, providing lasting relief for individuals with active lifestyles. Unlike some alternatives, it allows you to continue enjoying your favorite activities for years to come.

“If you’ve been offered a fusion, come in for a consultation to see if you are a candidate for disc replacement surgery,” says Chris Demers, MD, FAANS. Disc replacement is not only the preferred choice for athletes, but it can also help non-athletes return to the activities they enjoy. Disc replacement preserves natural motion, minimizes risks of more surgeries to adjacent discs, ensures a quicker recovery, and offers long-term success. Don’t let back pain limit your quality of life.  Call us at 775-323-2080 or email [email protected] to request a disc replacement consultation.