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In the past, Nevada has gone through a crisis of losing physicians about every 20 years.

1975 – medical malpractice insurers pulled out of Nevada because of high litigation costs, and as a result, physicians could not obtain liability insurance. To fix this, the state created the Nevada Medical Liability Insurance Association to provide doctors with liability coverage. This company was subsequently sold after the medical malpractice insurance market stabilized.

Early 2000s – medical malpractice premiums again increased significantly. As a result, four insurance carriers stopped offering liability coverage to physicians, and for some doctors, premiums leaped from $40K to $200K per year.  This caused 30 OB-GYNs to leave Clark County, and physicians in other specialties, including neurosurgery and emergency medicine, to limit their practices. In addition, critical hospital services were at risk. Many other doctors were unable to purchase malpractice insurance because insurers had pulled out of Nevada.

The Nevada State Assembly Judiciary Committee is working on two critical bills AB 404 and AB 209. Both bills would be a major blow to the reasonable protections Nevada voters approved in 2004 to guard the health care community from outsize legal actions and safeguard patient’s rights to have access to a health care provider.

Nevada has a very fragile healthcare delivery system. The passing of AB209 and AB404 will likely worsen Nevada’s physician shortage due to the skyrocketing cost of malpractice insurance making it difficult to deliver key services.

We need to let our legislators know we oppose AB 209 and AB 404, as they threaten the delivery of medical care to Nevadans. Your voice is vital to keep doctors in Nevada and protect our community’s right to access health care how and when we need it.

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  1. I need my doctor to stay in Nevada! Passing this bill may drive doctors from the state.
  2. Protect my right to the healthcare me and my family needs – oppose this bill.

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The Physicians of Sierra Neurosurgery Group