William N. Dawson, Jr., MD, Partner Emeritus



Dr. Deven Khosla joined Sierra Neurosurgery Group in 2001 and became a full partner in 2002. He was privilEged to work alongside the premier neurosurgeons and spine surgeons of Northern Nevada.

He built his reputation with the mentorship and fellowship of Dr.’s Morgan, Vacca, Dawson, Davis, Walker and Fleming. During his tenure, the group grew to also include Dr. Demers and Dr. Leppla.

Dr. Khosla promoted an integrated vision of managing his patients. As a part of that, he promoted the inclusion of pain management within Sierra Neurosurgery Group by recruiting Dr. Blake. Dr. Khosla was part of the expansion of the group to include surgery at Northern Nevada Hospital and Sierra Nevada VA hospital. He also participated in the group’s mission to treat all patients with the dignity they deserve and provide the most advanced, up-to-date surgical techniques.

For family reasons, he moved to Southern California in 2016 after 15 productive years in Reno and Northern Nevada. He is a board certified Neurosurgeon and Spine Surgeon in Santa Monica and is the founder of Achieve Brain and Spine.




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