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Laminectomy, also known as an open decompression, removes the portion of the vertebral bone called the lamina.

The procedure enlarges the spinal canal to relieve pressure on the spinal cord and relieve irritation and inflammation of the spinal nerves. Laminectomy is performed to alleviate the symptoms that result from pinching of the spinal nerves including numbness, pain, and fatigue.

Disc Herniation Sierra Neurosurgery


Spinal stenosis is the degenerative condition that narrows the spinal canal and leads to pinched nerves. It is the most common cause of back surgery.

A lumbar laminectomy is performed when the diseased disc are in the lumbar portion of the spine–L1-L5. When the pinching occurs in the cervical spine–C3-C6–the procedure is called a cervical laminectomy.


Disc Herniation Sierra Neurosurgery

Spinal stenosis: a condition in which the spinal canal narrows causing nerve impingement.

Lamina: The broad plate on either side of the spine that, together with the pedicles for, the roof of the vertebral arch.


  • A two-inch to five-inch long incision is made in the midline of the back and the left and right back muscles are pushed off the lamina and to the side.
  • The lamina is removed exposing the nerve roots.
  • The facet joints, which are directly over the nerve roots, may then be undercut (trimmed) to give the nerve roots more room.


All Sierra Neurosurgery Group physicians–Dr. Joseph Walker, Dr. John Davis, Dr. Dante F. Vacca, Dr. Hilari L. Fleming, Dr. Jay Morgan, Dr. Deven Khosla, Dr. David Leppla, Dr. Christopher Demers, and Dr. Michael S. B. Edwards–have extensive experience performing successful lumbar laminectomies and alleviating their patients’ pain, radiating numbness, weakness and cramping.

Dr. Morgan, When I first met you, I knew I could
trust you & what you say.

My first surgery was pain free. My second surgery was pain free & corrected the pinched nerves.
Everything you told me was true. Your knowledge of medicine & your truthfulness is so refreshing. You
really care about your patients. You answered all of my questions with straight talk.
I wish I could reward you in some way.

God Bless you and your family. — John M.

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