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Accelerated care for complete bone health!

Bone health is important as you age. In fact, most people reach their peak bone mass between 25-30 years old. And by age 40, we slowly lose our bone mass. Osteoporosis is when your bones become weaker and more likely to break leaving you susceptible to broken bones. It is an invisible disease affecting both men and women. As you age, you may lose more bone tissue than your body can make. As a result, your bones become weak and may break from a minor fall.

We offer focused and specialized care to help you increase your bone mass. Make your bone health a priority by investing in an expert plan to improve your bone mass.

This plan includes:

    • Evaluation of your health history and bone health
    • Assess lab or testing needs
    • Osteoporosis risk factor calculation
    • Dietary recommendations
    • Management of vitamin and mineral deficiencies
    • Exercise guidance to make your bones stronger
    • Key osteoporosis education
    • Fall risk evaluation and prevention
    • Medication management as needed
    • Care coordination with your primary care provider
    • Developing a personalized bone health plan for you

*Appointments will be billed to insurance and your copay will apply.

Meet our Osteoporosis Specialist

Dr. Naomi Albertson is devoted to the thorough evaluation and treatment of patients with osteoporosis and increased risk of bone fracture. As a former NCAA athlete, our sports medicine physician, Naomi Albertson, MD, provides a thorough, multi-faceted approach to each patient’s needs. She works collaboratively with you to non-operatively treat your condition. Dr. Albertson is a well-respected authority on injury rehabilitation, body maintenance and optimal nutrition for both weekend warriors and competitive athletes.

Those who currently or have formerly participated in sports go through specific physical challenges due to repetitive movements and the toll of consistently performing at peak state. Dr. Albertson has over two decades of experience treating the muscle aches and joint pains of current and former athletes.

You do not have to be an elite athlete to benefit from sports medicine. Anybody that engages in athletics can make use of Dr. Albertson’s expertise to recover from an injury or avoid an injury in the first place. Dr. Albertson provides all of her patients with compassionate and result-driven methods of treatment.

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