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This is a busy group but they always make time for you personally.

The patient portal is a great way for communication with them instead of the phone. Its way easier to get a response back quickly. I appreciate this group and would recommend them to everyone for help with pain management!

Josie Lister

Dr. Demers…Highly recommend isn’t enough!

This man is the most caring, kind, respectful surgeon we have ever had. And we have had a lot of surgeons. He added the personal touch to a traumatic brain situation and treated us like his own family. Five stars is not enough. He and his team are incredible. Honestly, we could not have been more blessed to have had him in our corner. There really are just not enough words to thank him for his care. I believe he knows how much we appreciate him.

Howard J.

I would recommend Dr. Blake to others without hesitation!

Dr. Blake has been my pain management physician for many years. He always clearly discusses the best options and the procedures administered. He is knowledgeable and kind. I would recommend him to others without hesitation. — Coni jo B.

Coni Jo B.

Dr. Blake and Staff is Caring

My wife goes to Dr. Blake for back pain management and I have seen Dr. Blake off and on in the past, but am now a permanent patient of his due to my chronic shoulder/neck muscle myofascial pain. He is caring, he wants to listen to your frustrations and concerns, solve the problem with the best treatment possible. Sam, at the front desk, who I am also in contact with for appointments always has my best interest in mind. She’s great! I appreciate Dr. Blake’s patience with my chronic situation and all the help he has offered to give me some relief.

Kasey S.

Dr Demers, your handiwork has given us our life back!

Ethan was out on the slopes yesterday first time post-op! We are grateful to you, Jen and your team for taking such great care him and of us! You’ve given us our life back!!! Very best.

Heather G.

Dr Christopher Demers was a true Godsend for my family and I!


I first went to this group for a low back issue that was resolved and the results were miraculous. Unfortunately, 3 years ago I had a cancerous lesion on my spinal cord that was quite serious and had the potential of leaving me without the ability to ever walk again. Dr Demers explained in detail what the consequences could be with this type of surgery; I knew I was in very capable hands.

I am walking and living a normal life again with very few residual effects. Dr Christopher Demers was a true Godsend for my family and I. This group of surgeons are talented and really do care about you. Their staff are the most kind and professional that I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Oh yes, as I write this I am one day post surgery (laminectomy) on 4 vertebrae and I am dressed and walking the hallways with hardly any pain. Also the small but dangerous brain tumor I had 6 months ago the good Dr treated with CyberKnife, it has shrunk and is no longer a concern. Truly blessed to have this quality of care in Reno.

Richard H.

Dr. Morgan, When I first met you, I knew I could trust you & what you say.

My first surgery was pain free. My second surgery was pain free & corrected the pinched nerves. Everything you told me was true. Your knowledge of medicine & your truthfulness is so refreshing. You really care about your patients. You answered all of my questions with straight talk. I wish I could reward you in some way.

God Bless you and your family.

John M.

Thanks to Dr. Demers I got my life back!

My name is Greg…In June of 2016 I herniated a disc in my lower back, (L3-L4)…It was the most painful thing I’ve ever dealt with. I am a retired Police Sgt. with RPD who has undergone knee surgery that didn’t hurt like this. I strained my back doing some spring cleaning at my cabin; It hurt but I thought no big deal it will be OK in a couple of days. The next day at home I swung an empty propane tank into my car with one hand….bad idea….That night I awoke in agony, I could not walk to the bathroom….crawling on the floor I called a neighbor who came over and called an ambulance for me. I was taken to Renown where I met with neurosurgeon Dr. Demers…Wow! What a pro! I was Impressed! He told me he had already reviewed my MRI and said I needed surgery. My pain level was at a 9 and still could not raise my legs. My lower back felt like someone had jammed me with an Ice Pick. When I woke up in recovery with…NO Pain…None!! Nurses asked me if I wanted anything for pain…I said “No thanks” and asked if they’d dance with me…(they declined but laughed)…Wow…Dr. Demers checked on me soon thereafter and asked if I would like to go home that day! I got up and walked around after anesthetic wore off, Incredibly no pain at all!!

Thanks to Dr. Demers I got my life back!! The follow-up care to check on me was outstanding, professional friendly staff. This doctor walks on water in my opinion.

Greg D.

Dr. Morgan, I was blessed to find you

A year ago, I couldn’t walk without crying from the pain. Turning over in bed was out of the question. Then, I saw Dr. Jay Morgan.  He literally saved my life. Dr. Morgan is the most capable, caring and incredible doctor I have ever been to.  This man is truly insightful and is willing to learn and then know what his patients need to feel better and have their lives back.  I was blessed to find you and am forever grateful. Thank you Dr. Morgan.

Nancy B.

I LOVE Dr. Jay Morgan!

My husband rushed me into St. Mary’s ER, on Oct. 11, 2015, after I had just found out from a neck MRI, that I had a “mass”, in my lower left brain, by the stem. I was not able to walk very well that morning so I called my husband at work and he came home to drive me to ER: We got there at 10:30am and by 1pm, I was admitted and given a room.

Dr. Jay Morgan, [was on call] but ALL the nurses and Dr’s, in the hospital said “Dr. Morgan IS THE BEST “! He came to my room that evening and said he put me in 1st for surgery at 5am. I had a cerebellum covered tumor. I couldn’t smell or taste for at least 2 weeks. I begged to go home after 6 days, and since I was doing so well, I was allowed to go home. I STILL cannot drive, and cannot work, but I LOVE Dr. Morgan, and my husband does TOO!

Daun W.

I would recommend Dr. Blake to others without hesitation!

Dr. Blake has been my pain management physician for many years. He always clearly discusses the best options and the procedures administered. He is knowledgeable and kind. I would recommend him to others without hesitation. — Coni jo B.

Ed R.

Thank for your caring attitude and professionalism!

The whole staff at Sierra Neurosurgery is great. I wanted to directly thank for your caring attitude and professionalism. When I emailed and said my back was going downhill you responded immediately to see me and evaluate. Other places may have said just make an appointment. Again Thank you very much.


Dr. Perrin was kind, helpful and answered all of my questions

After I suffered serious back injuries from an accident, the treating physician at Renown’s emergency room referred me to Sierra Neurosurgery, Dr. Perrin, for a follow-up appointment. I was seen by Dr. Perrin just two weeks after my accident; recognizing the seriousness of my injuries, Dr. Perrin scheduled me for surgery right away. Dr. Perrin himself was very transparent with his procedure, his plan, and his purpose. He was also very kind and helpful and answered any and all of my questions. However, due to the fact that I did not live in the area, my insurance provider did not authorized Sierra Neurosurgery/Dr. Perrin to perform the much needed surgery.

Dr. Perrin’s MA, Brianna, was very sweet and helpful as well. The day after I got home from the hospital, I called Sierra Neurosurgery’s office, Brianna provided me with a note excusing me from my work, as well as a follow-up note releasing me to work on light duty.

While waiting for my appointment with another medical facility (that my insurance provider allowed me to see) my pain level was increasing and it was getting to be too much to bear while working full days. Out of desperation, I contacted Sierra Neurosurgery’s office, and spoke with Brianna again and asked if their office could provide me with another note excusing me to work half days…the note was faxed to my supervisor within minutes!! You DO NOT typically see this type of customer service from medical offices just by me calling and asking for it.

Dr. Perrin’s office has been very helpful all around. Even though I’m not a patient or receiving any of their care/treatment (for reasons already stated), Sierra Neurosurgery’s staff were still willing to help me in any way possible and were very concerned about me, and my speedy recovery. For someone who in severe pain, that means the world.

Bailey B.

Dr. Demers, I want to thank you for the wonderful surgery you did for me!

I truly believe you are a blessed man of God. Everything that surrounds you is a gift, your staff is awesome as well. I will always remember your wonderful presence in my time of need. You Truly Cared! 

Thank you sincerely, 

Marilyn T.

I would highly recommend Sierra Neurosurgery and specifically Dr. Jay Morgan

I underwent cervical decompression and fusion in July of 2017 and would highly recommend Sierra Neurosurgery and specifically Dr. Jay Morgan. His reputation is impeccable and I knew I was in good hands. While he is extremely busy, (and you wouldn’t want your surgeon to be any other way, right?) he still took the time I needed to answer my questions. I found his entire office staff to be friendly and helpful. Tina, Jen, Joeleene, Alma, and Carrie did a fabulous job of taking care of all other details in a caring and professional way.

I was very pleased with my care. This is a top-notch practice.


I have to say I am blown away by how amazing Dr. Demers and staff are.

He just performed my surgery and I am symptom free! Besides the healing. But I can’t thank him and his staff enough. I cry thinking at how much my life will change now. Thank you from me and my family. We love you Dr. Demers!

Holly C.

Thank You Dr. Tolbert

I can’t NOT cry when I think about what this incredible person has done for me… words cannot express how I feel about him. He was created and sent from God to help me and my family! Marshall Tolbert is at the top of my list of incredible people by far!

Thank you Marshall for being you and Thank you God!

Todd W.

Our family has always handled challenges with a sense of  humor.

Merle M. (Dr. Demers' Patient)


Dr. Blake has been helping my elderly mother for roughly 5 years.

He has always been attentive, considerate, knowledgeable and persistent in pursuing options that will help alleviate her pain due to both spinal problems and diabetes. 

Without Dr. Blake, my mother would be in a wheel chair needing help with every day tasks. Instead, she is able to take care of herself and enjoy several ‘outings’ a week. We appreciate Dr. Blake and his assistant Cyndi whose eagerness to help is extraordinary.

Jane Collins

This is a busy group but they always make time for you personally.

The patient portal is a great way for communication with them instead of the phone. Its way easier to get a response back quickly. I appreciate this group and would recommend them to everyone for help with pain management!

Josie Lister

I have been a patient here for several years and every visit has been productive.

The personnel are very nice and attentive to my needs. My providers are up to date on what can be done for me and include me as a partner in my care decisions. I always recommend them to everyone I meet.

Pat Hamilton

Dr. Andrea Black is a great doctor!

She takes her time to listen to your concerns and is very compassionate. She includes you in the treatment plan and doesn’t push unnecessary or ineffective procedures.

Cindy Hutchins

Went in with pain level at a 5.

Usually it’s at about an 8. Left there this afternoon with my pain level at a 0. Thank you so much Dr. Blake and staff!

Cindy Hutchins

Ashlie is the most important provider I have in my medical care routine.

I look forward to her care and warm personality, but also her smart insightful direct answers along with her ability to always know how to help me best. The positive influence that she has had on my life and pain management goals has changed my life.

Diane S., December 2018

Ashlie is an amazing provider!

She always listens and genuinely is concerned about what is happening with me and how I am feeling. I highly recommend her

Patient, December 2018

Dr. Blake and Ashlie have given me back my life without using prescription drugs.

They are compassionate, understanding and supportive

Patient, December 2018

Dr. Blake and Nurse Practitioner Andrea Black are the best in the business.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Blake for herniated discs in my lower back for about 4 years and can’t say enough about his expertise, experience, and besides all of that he’s just a nice guy. The same can be said for Andrea Black (APRN). She is also an expert in the field and a very nice person to deal with. Again, great folks to work with to help me find reasonable ways to treat my back injury. Very highly recommended! Thanks!

Michael Schade

Front office check-in and check-out are outstanding.

Outstanding service delivery with a smile! Pain Mgt office very good, conversational post procedure consult and consult for next step very good discussion. Thank you for the services you provide in a courteous, professional and friendly manner.

Patient, December 2018

Everyone that I have dealt with at this facility has been especially nice and helpful.

I’m grateful to be able to go to this facility thank you to all of you.

Michael Trembath

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