Carrie Kuo has worked for Sierra Neurosurgery Group for over 30 years.  She has supported our Neurosurgeons and patients with a quiet but knowing grace, using skills honed over decades of nursing.  Carrie graduated from University of Utah Nursing program with a BSN in 1976. She initially worked in the operating room at Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City before moving to Los Angeles. In Los Angeles, she worked for the esteemed House Institute, in the clinic as well as in the operating room. Named for the groundbreaking work done by founder Howard P. House, M.D., the House Institute treats a variety of ear-related disorders, including Meniere’s disease, acoustic neuromas, skull-base tumors, neurofibromatosis, surfer’s ear, balance issues, chronic ear infections and much more.

Eventually, Ms. Kuo’s family moved to South Lake Tahoe where she worked for a Plastic Surgeon. Her family then moved to Reno and she feels very fortunate to have been be hired by Sierra Neurosurgery Group at that time.