Jee Lee is a graduate from the University of Nevada, Reno where she earned her Master’s in Nursing.

After her graduation from Orvis, School of Nursing in 2012, she found herself working in the Neurosurgery Unit and Trauma ICU for six years alongside Sierra Neurosurgery Group physicians. This gave Jee the experience that she needed to learn how to care for neurosurgical patients and the motivation to get her nurse practitioner degree.

“I have always been fascinated by the human brain and neurosurgical patients. Working with Sierra Neurosurgery Group for all of my nursing career, I have been inspired by their excellent patient care and passion.”

It seems that Jee was destined to be in the medical field.Throughout Jee’s high school years, she was drawn to medicine and volunteered at the local hospitals. During her volunteering, she had instrumental experiences with nurses and was inspired by the, “passion and complexity of the medical field.” Ultimately, these experiences are what drew Jee to becoming a nurse. She mentions that she loves meeting new people and is “grateful to to be able to provide the necessary care for those who need it most.”

Her passion, as well as her strong nursing experience dedicated to neurosurgical patients is a true asset to our provider team.

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