Jacob L. Blake, MD

Jacob L. Blake, MD, ABA, BC


Specialty: Pain management using ESIs, RFA, Nerve Blocks, Sympathetic Blocks, Neurostimulation, Intrathecal Drug Delivery, MILD.

From a young age Jacob Blake knew he wanted to help others.

Inspired by the example set by his mother who provided legal counsel to the poor, he saw early on the positive influence one person could have on the lives of others.

Dr. Blake’s innate scientific curiosity drew him to the medical field. He enrolled at the University of Nevada School of Medicine where he developed a further interest in pharmacology and physiology. After a residency in anesthesiology at University of California, San Diego (UCSD) –where he was both Chief Resident and Regional Anesthesia Resident of the Year – Dr. Blake knew he had found his calling.

At Sierra Neurosurgery Group, Dr. Blake helps patients manage both acute and chronic pain. His practice is founded upon the core values of understanding, respect, and trust. He spends a good deal of his clinical time listening to patients in order to understand their experience both medically and emotionally and works with them to develop a custom treatment plan.

Among the tools in Dr. Blake’s pain management arsenal are the use of epidural steroid injections (ESI), radiofrequency ablation (RFA), nerve blocks, sympathetic blocks, neurostimulation, intrathecal drug delivery (pump), intrathecal infusion systems (for cancer patients) and minimally invasive lumbar decompression (MILD).

Originally from Denver, Colorado, Dr. Blake moved to Carson City, Nevada when he was 15. He is licensed to practice medicine in Nevada, California, Oregon and Washington.

“Dr Blake is very attentive and takes the time to get to know his patients.

He really cares not only about your injury but how you’re doing in general. It’s very nice to have a doctor who cares about your general well being.”