Reno, NV – Sierra Neurosurgery Group is very pleased to welcome Dr. Christopher P. Demers to the practice. Dr. Demers just finished his residency training at Brown University, Rhode Island Hospital where he served as chief resident. With the addition of Dr. Demers, the group now serves the community with nine exceptional surgeons skilled in the treatment of spine and brain disorders.

Dr. Demers is currently scheduling appointments and will begin seeing patients on August 8 in the Reno clinic.

Dr. Christopher Demers joins Sierra Neurosurgery Group

Christopher Demers was successful, but he wasn’t fulfilled.

After five years working in banking, he knew he wanted something more from a career. He wanted to do work that he could be proud of, work that he saw as valuable and meaningful to both himself and the greater world. So he walked away from a good job at Citicorp, went back to school to complete all the prerequisite classes, then enrolled in medical school.

Choosing neurosurgery as his specialty, however, was a whole other story. It seems Demers was destined to become a neurosurgeon where his passion for making a difference in peoples’ lives met his need for challenge, complexity, and even beauty, within the medical field. He was also absent the day med students picked their rotations–home caring for an ill family member–and got “stuck” with neurosurgery, considered the toughest medical school rotation at Northwestern University. He instantly loved it. Sometimes you find your specialty and sometimes it finds you.

The first surgery Demers witnessed during his neurosurgery rotation hooked him on the specialty. He was enthralled by the idea of working on the body’s most complicated system and drawn to the challenge of spending the rest of his life studying the brain, spine and nervous system.

In his practice, Dr. Demers believes one of the most valuable skills he can bring to the doctor-patient relationship is honesty. By treating patients with compassion, while acknowledging the reality of their condition, he is able to address health concerns in a direct and open manner. He also works closely and openly with a patient’s primary care physician providing them with the access and knowledge they need to continue to manage their patient’s health long term.

Dr. Demers also recognizes the inherent risks of surgery and considers all options before presenting a surgical treatment approach. At Sierra Neurosurgery Group, he found a group of like-minded physicians who are more focused on patient care and results than volume and profit.

While trained as a general neurosurgeon, Dr. Demers is particularly interested in complex spine procedures and tumor treatments including CyberKnife stereotactic radiosurgery for spine and brain tumors. His practice includes pediatric neurosurgery, as well.

Dr. Demers was raised in New Hampshire, received his BA from the University of Chicago and his medical degree from Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago. He completed his internship and residency at Brown University Alpert Medical School in Rhode Island. Dr. Demers completed his written Board exams and is now Board eligible.

When not practicing medicine, Dr. Demers enjoys spending time with his wife of 17 years, Linda, and his two boys, Ethan aged 9 and Max 14. They are happy to leave behind the brutal East Coast and Midwest winters and look forward to exploring Reno and the Sierras on foot, on skis and by kayak.