Neurosurgery Market Watch

Neurosurgeons Interested in Opportunities to Work in Device and Technology
Development Should Understand the Complex Environment

By Bonnie Darves

Neurosurgeons who have been in training “total immersion” mode for seven years or longer may find the notion of adding yet another activity to their already full plates unthinkable as they start their first practice position. Yet, it’s highly likely that neurosurgeons will encounter opportunities to participate in endeavors outside traditional clinical practice—in both research and product and technology development–soon after they have established themselves.

Because of the advances in brain science generally, the neurosurgery field is well positioned to help facilitate what Southern California neurosurgeon Amir Vokshoor, MD, predicts will be “an explosion of neurologic technology that is going to revolutionize our capabilities in such areas as neuro-modulation and pain treatment,” said Dr. Vokshoor, whose practice focuses mostly on microscopic spine surgery, at the DISC Sports & Spine Center in Newport Beach.

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