Patients benefit from seeing all providers at once

The Region’s Only Brain Tumor Center – A Collaborative ApproachSpeeding up the evaluation and treatment process for patients with brain tumors can help create netter outcomes and also alleviate the stress associated with waiting weeks between appointments. These facts are the driving force behind Saint Mary’s Brain Tumor Center.

“The program started because we noted the time it took for someone with a brain tumor to be treated spanned over several weeks, due to visits with multiple specialists, additional test needed and coordination of care,” says Jonathan Tay, MD, who developed the Brain Tumor Center with Saint Mary’s Center for Cancer and Sierra Neurosurgery.

This streamlined approach has proven successful at reaching positive outcomes.

Patients who come to the center receive concurrent input and care from radiation oncologists and neurosurgeons, so they can leave a single appointment equipped with all the necessary options, opinions and answers. This streamlined approach has proven successful at reaching positive outcomes.

“This is a one-stop shop, where patients meet radiation oncology and neurosurgery at the same time, which expedites decision-making and treatment,” Dr. Tay says. “Most often, cases are also presented and reviewed at a tumor board to gain a consensus opinion on treatment – patients can be assured they are getting the best standard of care possible.”

According to neurosurgeon Hilari Fleming, MD, PhD, Saint Mary’s Brain Tumor Center is unique to this community because of the consistent teamwork between neurosurgeons and radiation oncologists when it comes to treating brain tumors.

“To be able to, with one visit, give patients multiple options and access to different perspectives is unique,” Dr. Fleming says. “We have patients who come a long way, and to be able to avoid having to make multiple trips for the same information is a huge benefit.”