Marshall Tolbert, MD

From the heartland of Ohio to the outlands of Alaska, and now home in the West, Marshall Tolbert, MD has pioneered a remarkable career helping save people’s lives.  

Expanding his prodigious expertise in neurological surgery, Dr. Tolbert’s degree from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine was the initial step into renowned work with multiple hospitals in Anchorage, Alaska.  His recognized work in endovascular neurosurgery quickly became regarded for his effective techniques and strategies.

This foundational success—along with the recognition that a higher power guides his hands— have instilled a sense of humble confidence that positively impacts each patient he works with.   More than a caring physician, Dr. Tolbert is motivated to helping his patients through acute life events, and is dedicated to giving each person he works with his undivided attention and care.

While at Alaska Regional Hospital, Marshall took the initiative to create the first Stroke Centers and integrated programs in the region. With Dr. Tolbert’s endovascular background, he was able to establish standardized written and interventional protocols to more accurately and quickly detect and treat stroke patients.

Dr. Tolbert expects to utilize this previous success to develop even more collaborative relationships throughout the northern Nevada regional health network in an effort to expand what can be offered to his patients here at Sierra Neurosurgery Group.

During his precious time off from his work, however, Marshall enjoys photographing and exploring our region’s rich outdoor offerings including rock hunting, hiking, and mountain biking with three young children, and his wife Angie.  Together they continue their charitable contributions to Haitian Orphanages and building homes for the impoverished in Mexico.