One word comes to mind when you meet Dr. Michael Moore, Impressive. He has spent the last eight years completing fellowship training in neurosurgery.

“Each of my three sub-specialty fellowships in Spine, Neurocritical Care and Skull Base Surgery helps me serve my patients. I believe that if I am better armed with training and technique, I am better able to treat my patients.”

A brief conversation with Dr. Moore and you recognize his passion for neurosurgery and his desire to be an expert in any type of neurosurgical case that comes his way. Without a doubt, these last eight years of complex training has prepared him to deliver unique and cutting-edge neurosurgical treatments.

Dr. Moore solidified his passion for neurosurgery as a graduate student in Applied Anatomy largely due to his fascination with neuroanatomy and his research project on traumatic brain injuries. According to Dr. Moore, It was also a chance to support his community. “The need to provide and serve your community was instilled in me at an early age.” Military service by his grandfather, a colonel in the army and his dad, a naval officer inspired him to serve others through the field of medicine.

Our community is fortunate that Dr. Moore has decided to create a home in Northern Nevada along with his wife, Willa Moore MD who has joined Renown as a pediatrician. Their family also includes a spunky 7 year old rescue dog, Gus and their fun-loving 3 year old daughter who is already a Nevada Wolf Pack fan. “The more time I have spent in the Northern Nevada area, I see the family value-system and salt of the earth people similar to my own Midwestern upbringing. This type of community is a gem that my family and I are lucky to call home.” Family connection is important to Dr. Moore and moving to this region has given him an opportunity to spend more time with his brothers in the San Francisco bay area. Dr. Moore and his family are eager to explore the great outdoors that Reno/Tahoe has to offer. Topping their list includes, hiking, camping, fishing, boating and skiing.

We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Michael Moore to Sierra Neurosurgery Group and our team feels privileged to gain his training, expertise and partnership. With our diverse team of sub-specialty neurosurgeons, we are equipped to treat full spectrum brain, spine and peripheral nerve disorders throughout our Northern Nevada and California communities.