Lower back pain is generally treated conservatively with physical therapy, pain management treatments, or lifestyle changes. Common causes of spinal ache and irritability include obesity, smoking, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, or spinal injury. Our spine surgeons and physicians in Reno care for patients whose common complaint is chronic back pain along with other significant symptoms.

Along with several types of effective interventions, your neurosurgeon might recommend spine fusion surgery. This procedure is warranted for carefully selected patients that have radiating nerve pain that is associated with spinal stenosis. If left untreated, it can lead to complications. Delaying timely treatment for spinal issues can create degenerate discs or cause slippage, AKA spondylolisthesis which is a common sign of misaligned spinal nerves. Thanks to modern technology, patients can now seek many effective treatment options, including spine fusion surgery to get rid of back pain and its resulting impact.

Let’s dig deeper to learn more about this effective neurosurgical treatment when performed in appropriate patients.

Spine Fusion: A Brief Overview

Spine, Bone, Back Pain, VertebraeSpinal fusion is extremely effective for people suffering from spinal stenosis, instability, and deformity. However, it’s only performed on specific patients depending on the cause of their back pain.

During a spinal fusion surgery, your spine surgeon connects two or more vertebrae for improved spinal alignment. The surgery includes the utilization of rods, screws, and bone grafts for spine stabilization. This treatment is performed on specific patients because it can lead to complications associated with other surgeries that a patient had previously gone through. Patients with existing chronic illnesses may also develop blood clots or anesthetic complications in the process.

However, a study shows that over 71% of the total patients had a successful outcome after spinal fusion surgery. Here are some important facts to understand if you are undergoing a spinal fusion:

1.      Spinal Fusion Creates Stronger Vertebrae

During spinal fusion, spine surgeons permanently fuse two vertebrae with each other, creating a stronger, healthier spinal cord. They use a bone graft as a connector that ensures proper alignment between nerves, ligaments, tissues, joints, and muscles.

Patients suffering from spinal disorders often experience intense pain because their vertebrae rub with nerves or ligaments. This issue, if left untreated, can lead to mobility issues and structural imbalances. With spinal fusion surgery, your surgeon can mitigate the risk of disease escalation by restoring the natural structure of the spinal cord.

2.      Spinal Fusion Can Be Done in Three Ways

Spine fusion surgery is a minimally invasive treatment that can be performed in three different ways. Your spine surgeon will look at your medical records, evaluate your symptoms, and measure the severity of your disease before choosing a specific spinal fusion technique.

The three types of spinal fusions include an autograft, an allograft, and a synthetic graft. Using a few small incisions and one large incision, your surgeon might use a bone from the hip area, cadaver, or an artificial source to perform a spinal fusion.

3.      Spinal Fusion Isn’t Just for Back Pain

People often think that spinal fusion is a treatment for addressing chronic back pain issues. However, this procedure can address many other types of underlying spinal diseases. In addition to degenerative disc disease, spine fusion surgery may also be indicated to address spinal deformities such as sideways spinal curvature.

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