A man holding his back in pain.

From back pain to disc herniations, people of all ages have become susceptible to spinal issues due to lack of mobility and sedentary lifestyles.

In this blog, we discuss tips and tricks to help you stay on top of your spinal health by adopting healthy lifestyle habits.

What Can Cause Spinal Problems?

Spinal issues stem from a number of reasons such as:

  • Limited or decreased physical activity
  • Bad posture
  • Deterioration and loss of mobility in muscles around the spinal cord
  • Weakened muscles and poor bone health
  • Muscle loss or imbalance

Here’s how you can mitigate the chances of experiencing spine issues:Spine diagram on a white paper

1. Maintain Good Posture

One of the most significant ways to enhance your spinal health is by maintaining good posture.

A healthy human spine has three natural curves; maintaining good posture allows your spine to enhance those natural curves without exerting extra pressure on spinal discs.

Incorrect posture puts pressure on spinal muscles, leading to musculoskeletal deficiencies and imbalances.

2. Improved Mattress Quality

We tend to spend 8-12 hours a day in our bed and/or other soft surfaces such as our couch or recliner. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that your mattress supports your spine and provides optimal alignment during sleep. A good mattress helps keep back pain at bay and helps you enjoy a good night’s sleep.

We recommend opting for a firm mattress rather than a softer one. If your current mattress is no longer providing good support, replace it with a firmer one to minimize back pain.  A good rule of thumb is to buy a new mattress every 10-12 years.

3. Opt for the Right Footwear

Walking, jogging, running, or simply moving around the house all require proper footwear that’s comfortable and made to suit your physical needs. Good shoes play a vital role by supporting your spine and keeping it aligned by providing a base that evenly distributes your body weight between your toes and heels.

4. Use Phone/Tablets Correctly

Using a smartphone with an arched neck exerts excess pressure on your spine and shoulders as well and can lead to a newly discovered injury informally known as tech neck. Prevent the chances of developing this issue by using your phone at eye level.

5. Increase Physical Activity

Adequate physical activity is another effective way to maintain and enhance your spinal wellness and strength. One of our experienced Nurse Practitioners, Ashlie Teixeira-Smith, APRN, had this to say, “I always recommend low impact aerobic exercise which can include walking, riding a stationary bike, elliptical trainer, or swimming/water aerobics.”

These physical activities can help minimize existing back pain and also prevent spinal issues in the future.

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